Signature Programmes
You can choose from four Signature Programmes which are tailored to help you address health challenges and facilitate an experience in the distinctive offerings across the three pillars of wellness – mental, physical and nutritional.
Mind and Body Balance Programme (60 minutes)
Focus on helping you reduce stress, relieve physical tension and enhance your focus:
• Wellness consultation
• Quantum harmonic audio treatment
• Tui Na, acupressure and stretch therapy
Deep Sleep Programme (75 minutes)
Target to identify your sleep issues, help you relax and improve your sleep:
• Wellness consultation
• Breathwork and guided meditation
• Quantum harmonic audio treatment with acupressure
Detox and Realignment Programme (75 minutes)
Improve your physical health by helping you detox and release muscle tension:
• Wellness consultation
• Stretch therapy
• Radio-frequency cupping
EatWell Diet Consultation (60 minutes)
Enable you to develop a sustainable personalised diet that promotes healthy weight management:
• Body composition analysis
• Nutrition consultation
• Customised 1-week meal plan

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